Data Analytics & IoT


We firmly believe in putting insights into action. The relationship between data analytics and the internet of things (IoT) allows businesses to do just that: put valuable insights to work in an interconnected world. We help partners successfully draw on the opportunities of extracting and executing data in the age of interconnectivity.

Let our content and training materials guide you toward revenue growth in this dynamic market.

How Data Proliferation Can Provide a Competitive Advantage
Read this two-part article and learn how to benefit from the proliferation of data.
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IoT Practice Builder
Our IoT Solution Identifier can help you build your IoT practice with the best, most profitable solutions.
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IoT and Mobility Infographic
Download this infographic and learn about the key selling features of the partnership between Mobile Solutions and IoT.
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  • Fracking involves lots of pumps — which means lots of opportunities for issues. Our Smart Fracking solution monitors the pumps and alerts customers to ...